York hopes to take on the role of Aston Villa’s assistant manager.

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Former Aston Villa striker Dwight Yorke has revealed talks with Aston Villa owners are in talks to replace John Terry as Aston Villa’s assistant manager. Decided to part ways with Aston Villa.

Following his move to Aston Villa late in his career. John Terry took the job as assistant manager immediately after deciding to retire. It appears John Terry will help Aston’s behind-the-scenes work. Villa had a lot and also lightened the load on Dean Smith a lot. But John Terry ultimately decided to part ways with Aston Villa in hopes of gaining experience as a manager despite John Terry now. There will be no manager job contacted yet.

Of course, the absence of John Terry has had a big impact on Aston Villa. Although it is behind the scenes. It was Dwight York who admitted to having held talks with the club’s owners. Stan Villa wanted to replace John Terry, who recently split from Aston Villa, but in the end it didn’t happen, with Dwight Yorke saying: “Personally, I hope to replace the missing position. The disappearance of John Terry and immediate discussions with the club’s owners of Aston Villa.”

“Unfortunately it didn’t happen but I have to appreciate the vision of Dean Smith and Wes Edens, who clearly had the goal of elevating Aston Villa into a regular in the Champions League. And I wish them good luck. As for me, I will continue to find work because I have passed the coaching license exam. Football is still my most important thing, so I hope that any team will give me a chance as a manager. meme “