Werner delighted to score but disappointed that Chelsea can only draw

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Chelsea’s German forward Timo Werner admits he was delighted to be given. The opportunity to start the latest game and score twice. But was disappointed he couldn’t help Chelsea to victory.

Despite qualifying for the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League, Chelsea will need to collect three points in the final group stage to guarantee their placement in the next round. No. 1 of the group but Thomas Tuchel didn’t want some key players to play in less-important matches and was confident that only the subs would be able to collect three points in the final against Zenit. st petersburg It has been successful, allowing Thomas Tuchel to carry the reserves into the field in several positions.

In addition, there are also players are resting for a long time from injury. Just 2 minutes is Timo Werner who helps Chelsea take the lead quickly. Plus all the pictures of the game are attractive. Will pour to Chelsea. But at the end of the first half Chelsea were scored twice. Causing the situation to start not very well before Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner added goals each to help Che. LSI took the lead again, unfortunately missed the goal before the end of time.

And the latest result saw Chelsea progress to the next round as second in the group, with Timo Werner very disappointed with the result but delighted to score two goals by Timo Vae. Warner said in an interview: “It is very important that I have the opportunity to play and to do a great job that I am very happy to score two goals, but not being able to win even though. Doing a satisfactory job, it is very disappointing.”