Werner admits he’s never been injured like this before.

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Chelsea’s German striker Timo Werner admits he has never had an injury like this before and dealing with it has been very difficult, especially getting back on the field.

Although Timo Werner’s performance on the field with Chelsea may not be that good because most fans only judge the number of goals with Timo Werner being the team’s central striker. But if Looking at the big picture, it’s clear that Timo Werner can often create chances for his team-mates. Sometimes pull in a marker for team-mates to play easier. Chelsea still keep Timo Werner. Keep it although the overall statistics of Timo Werner since joining. Chelsea are not that good.

Plus in the era of Thomas Tuchel. It seems Timo Werner will get more chances to play on the field. The results are starting to improve accordingly before being hit by injury problems until he has to rest for a long time. Returned to the field again and since the first game back into the field. Timo Werner has contributed 2 goals and 1 assist immediately in the match against Zenit St Petersburg. But having to stay for several months, it makes it difficult for Timo Werner, as Timo Werner said in an interview.

“Before the injury my physical condition was perfect and my confidence rose with better personal performance, but after the injury it immediately put me through a difficult time because I had never been. It hurts so bad that it’s not easy to deal with this kind of moment, especially to heal your body and get your fitness back in a limited amount of time.