Sharma reveals Newcastle must be fully focused

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Newcastle United defender Fabian Schar has revealed Newcastle United do not have time to rest. Must focus on the remainder of the season to ensure they survive relegation.

Newcastle United quickly plunged into the relegation zone with a very disappointing performance. After a series of winless games and a series of defeats despite a manager switch over to Eddie Howe. Did not help the performance of Newcastle United better. It remained in the same relegation area until the January transfer market at Newcastle United. Many new UFABET players drawn from the result. Newcastle United’s work is clearly getting better.

By Newcastle United are unbeaten in eight consecutive games in the English Premier League. It have won five of them, and the latest game has just beaten Brighton easily, making the team’s situation better. It’s a lot and there is still a chance to survive relegation. But Fabian Schar has warned his team-mates not to be underestimated. To keep as many wins as possible to ensure Newcastle United will definitely survive relegation

Now we have made a noticeable change from a much better performance with eight games unbeaten and we are going on the pitch with full confidence and we are still happy. Many have been able to win. But after this it is not time to rest because there are many matches waiting. We should not be underestimated to make sure we survive relegation.