Rodgers reveals Maddison is still a talented player

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Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers is confident that James Maddison will return to form as he is a talented player.

Although James Maddison previously performed brilliantly for Leicester City that many top teams were interested. In all cases, despite a favorable offer coming in and with excellent performance the expectations. James Maddison have risen markedly. But James Maddison’s performance has started to deteriorate. James Maddison on the sidelines as well.

It looks like James Maddison will only become a patient substitute but Leicester City insists. Plus Brendan Rodgers remains confident in James Maddison and is confident that James Maddison should definitely return to his good form as a player. can by Northern Ireland manager gave an interview that

From his on-field performance. But now the problem with James Maddison is his inconsistent performance. How much, so what is important is that James Maddison will have to get his good form back to include an attitude adjustment. If James Maddison can do as I expected. He will guarantee.