‘Onana’ OK, ‘Ghost’ contract, up offer to ‘Python’ 50 million baht

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Manchester United have added a new offer of €50m to Inter Milan for Andre Onana. Come watch the pole fight next season’s Premier League while the personal contracts of both parties have been negotiated.

Fabrizio Romano, a reliable correspondent, reports that Manchester United. The English Premier League team, have submitted a second offer of 50 million euros, or about 1,900 million baht. To Inter Milan, the runner-up of the UEFA Champions League. To request the purchase of Andre Onana, the Cameroonian outpost came to guard the pole at Old Trafford instead of David de Gea. The Spanish defenseman. The contract with the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com team has already expired.

'Onana' OK, 'Ghost' contract, up offer to 'Python' 50 million baht

1 day earlier, the Red Devils had submitted an offer of 40 million euros, or about 1,518 million baht, plus an additional 5 million euros, or about 190 million baht. For the python to consider . But was rejected immediately because the agency of the 27-year-old goalkeeper wanted a fee of about 60 million euros, or about 2,280 million baht. 

At this time, negotiations between the two clubs are still ongoing. An expected settlement point of 55 million euros or approximately 2,090 million baht. Which if an agreement is reached. Just waiting for a medical examination and signing an official contract because the personal terms in this goal’s long-term agreement with United have already been negotiated.

The Red Devils have just introduced English midfielder Mason Mount from Chelsea to join the army for the first time. If they can close the Onana deal , then the next goal. The forward position they had targeted at Atalanta ‘s Danish striker Rasmus Hoilund after Harry Kane’s first goal had already ended their pursuit as Spurs refused to let go. Come out Plus set a price of up to 100 million pounds or about 4,483 million baht

The Telegraph reports that the Red Devils will make a new offer for the Italian club and believe. An offer of around 60 million euros (about 2,295 million baht) should be enough to bring them in. 20-year-old Dan Kom pioneered to hunt for the net for the team. After the first offer of about 35 million euros, or about 1,365 million baht, was brushed aside last week.