Mertesacker: Balokan should leave

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Pear Mertesacker The Arsenal youth team manager is confident that Folarin Balokan will step up to be Arsenal‘s key player. But in January, Folarin Balokan had to leave. Go to another team with a loan contract.

Arsenal during Mikel Arteta’s era began to focus mostly on young players. The average age of key players being around 24 to 25 years old. More experienced players. About 1 to 2 on the pitch to encourage inexperienced players at the senior stage. The planning focus on young players. Many of the team’s youngsters are beginning to have hopes of getting on the pitch for the first team. Faster than usual to prove himself fit to play in the high stage.

Of course, the promising youngster Folarin Balokan is one of the players available to play for the first team and is often on the bench, but Mikel Arteta has opted for it. The job of a player who has experience at a high level first, so there have been rumors that Folarin Balokan wants to leave in January for more playing time and Arsenal are undisputed. If Folarin Balokan will move to another team on loan

In which Per Mertesacker recommends that Folarin Balokan move to another team for the opportunity to play at a high level and to develop himself as well, with Per Mertesacker Interviewed: “Folarin Balokan is ready to become a top player and now he has been pushed up into the first team, but most of the time, Folarin Balokan often comes on the field with U23 team His development has slowed down, so if Folarin Balokan wants to improve himself to the next level, he should move to another team in January.”