Hojberg has been prepared to enter the field in December.

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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Pierre Emile Hojberg has admitted he is available in December. Now he can’t wait to lead Tottenham. Spurs are back in the top four.

After beating Brentford, Tottenham are faced with a tough schedule ahead of the start of the new year with Tottenham Hotspur. Having to play five matches in just 13 days. There is also Boxing Day. Which is the tradition of the English Premier League. Where all teams will play together on December 26. When December is a very important turning point. For every team because there is a chance to go up to a higher rank or to go down to a lower rank.

Of course, Tottenham Hotspur have to play in the Europa Conference League, English Premier League and Carabao Cup, must have a good rotation of the players to the team that There are currently few options available, however, with Tottenham Hotspur’s main goal being to move up to the top four by scoring points. After only 2 points and the latest it is Pierre Emile Hojberg, who revealed that he was ready to enter the field in December to face a very frequent schedule.

“It’s a very important moment for us, of course we are excited to keep going on the pitch and not only we are excited but also the fans who have been following us all along are excited as well. And that’s the main reason why I love English football, so I’m ready to play in December with the main goal of getting as many wins as possible.”