Fenerbahce confirms Zalai will stay at the club

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Fenerbahce’s Hungarian defender Attila Salai Will stay with the team until the end of the 2021/22 season. Of course, even before the news came out that Chelsea were interested and ready to draw Attila Salai to join the team.

Although Chelsea’s defense is very strong. Having to lose three key defenders after the 2021/22 season has led Chelsea to try to extend the contracts of existing players in the team first. The three kickers have not yet responded to the contract that Chelsea offered. Chelsea need to look for a new defender to join the team and previously there were many defenders were the main targets. Chelsea, especially Jules Kunde, who has done an outstanding job with Sevilla.

But with a very high price of 69 million pounds. Chelsea have to look for other options that are not too high. Attila Salai is doing a great job with Fenerbahce. The Hungarian national team. Plus Attila Salai is a young player has been a key player for many years. Attila Salai’s value at only 20 million pounds. Which is considered cheap. Much more than Jules Kunde. Causing earlier UFABET news that Chelsea are preparing to bring Attila Salai to the team in January.

and is Fenerbahce Who confirmed that Attila Salai will remain with the team for sure. The news that came out in the previous period was just a rumor. Fenerbahce Announced that “Attila Salai became the focus after the news of the transfer continued, but it is only a rumour because we have never received any offers from any team, plus Attila. Zalai is concentrating on the next match.”