Di Maria burst into tears after scoring the final goal before leaving PSG

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Angel Di Maria, offensive line for Paris Saint-Germain She even shed tears of joy. After scoring the final goal on behalf of PSG in Ligue 1 last night. Before leaving the club at the end of the season

Angel Di Maria puts on a masterclass performance in the final game against Paris Saint-Germain in the French Ligue 1 season 2021-22 last night (Saturday 21 May 2022). PSG and Metz could be dominated by the drama of Kylian Mbappe agreeing to a new three-year contract with the club, but the local fans are aware that this is the case. It was the farewell of Di Maria, who joined the French giants after a disastrous time at Manchester United and spent seven years in Paris. 

          However, the party will eventually end , Di Maria has to bid farewell to the Parc des Princes as his contract comes to an end. With news reports that he is preparing to move to Juventus and the 34-year-old left a perfect performance for the fans. PSG have memorized both goals and passes in this game. Starting from the opening goal of Kylian Mbappe in the 25th minute. Di Maria stabbed through the hole for Mbappe to lock Gallard and shoot the net.

          He was also involved in Neymar ‘s 3-0 goal in the 32nd minute to pass the ball in for the Brazilian to make a mistake from the right. And also has the name of the goalkeeper closing in on the team in the 67th minute from the moment. Lionel Messi hit the pole before Di Maria will not miss it again. Making the score move to 5-0 is considered the most impressive farewell goal. His teammates coming in to express the overwhelming joy with his final goal with the team.

          Among the critics with Paris Saint-Germain But it was undeniable that the club meant a lot to Di Maria. Evident after he scored the final goal of the team. I want to indulge in that moment for a long time like the fans. To remember this player forever with the performance he has done for the UFABET club. Despite being branded as an underrated player.

          Despite being underestimated, the love from both PSG’s players and supporters was evident when Mauricio Pochettino dismissed Di Maria in the minutes 75. He received great applause throughout the field. He couldn’t hold back the tears as he walked to thank and wave goodbye to the fans. Then the teammates also set up a line of applause. The Argentine star player by Di Maria walking through a row of friends. And hugging everyone’s farewells before substituting for Ander Herrera to come down instead. 

Paris Saint-Germain defeated Metz 5-0, with PSG scoring three goals from Kylian Mbappe in           the 25th 28th and 50th minutes. Two goals came from Neymar in the 31st minute and Di Maria in the 67th minute. In this game, Metz’s Boubakar Traore received a second yellow card, becoming a red card. Got kicked out of the field from the 58th minute as well