Berardi: Rafinha should play in the UEFA Champions League

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Ex-Leeds United defender Gaetano Berardi has revealed Rafinha should feature in the Champions League. After his excellent form at Leeds led to interest from the club multiple teams.

Leeds United paid just £16m to bring in Rafinha from Rennes. The arrival of Rafinha has greatly enhanced Leeds United’s attacking performance by scoring goals. Up to 6 goals and 9 assists last season. Of course, with such a great performance. Rafinha immediately caught the attention of many leading teams in the English Premier League. Fina has confirmed she wants to stay at Leeds United.

Although Leeds United’s performance in the 2021/22 season may not be satisfactory with the main player’s injury problem. Rafinha has maintained his standard of play by With six goals. One assist from just 13 appearances. News of a possible transfer immediately began to emerge, with Gaetano Berardi confident Rafin. Ya is suitable to play in the UEFA Champions League, with Getano Berardi said in an interview.

“Rafinha is a talented player and a key player for Leeds United, although Leeds United had a difficult time, Rafinha continued to perform well. Always excellent and ready to create chances for teammates or to score goals, with Leeds United’s Rafinha in the team keeps Leeds United from being in the relegation zone and with pace. At this level, Rafinha should undoubtedly play in the UEFA Champions League.”