Barnes praises Fred’s return to form

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Ex-Liverpool midfielder John Barnes has hailed Fred for being able to move past the prevailing criticism. Regain his form and score the winning goal for Manchester City. Leicester United as well.

The £50million move puts Fred under a lot of pressure. Becoming a Brazilian player who constantly produces great players. Increasing fan expectations. Even higher, but Fred is still unable to call his own good form. Plus the performance of Manchester United is not much better than before to pull Fred into the team. Causing the fans to start Not okay with how Manchester United brought in Fred to join the team.

Plus, Fred has always been a target of criticism and every chance he gets on the pitch is like a joke for the fans. but the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has allowed Fred to call in good form. His own back and stepped up to be the main success. Although the manager was changed to Ralph Rangnick. But Fred still has the opportunity to enter the field as a real and first match in the era of Ralph Rangnick was also Fred who scored the winning goal to help Manchester United to victory.

In which John Barnes praised Fred for being able to move past the criticism he had in the past and to be able to regain his form successfully, John Barnes said in an interview. Personally, I like Fred and most importantly, he is not a problem with Manchester United as well, although Fred is not very good at defensive play, but what he needs is a player who puts pressure on the opposing team and is ready to play. Always attacking will make him play easier and more effective.”